Review of Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018 #2

This article is about machine manufacturing for Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018.   In a word, we lacked everything: number of developers, period for developing, experience, money, place, and so on. We began designing machines in April 2018 (last only 7 months for shipping) with only four students including three seniors who had to do graduation […]

Build ros-kinetic-opencv3 package for Jetson TX2

ros-kinetic-opencv3 package is very useful for ROS users, but this package is not supported cuda. So, we built ros-kinetic-opencv3 packages with cuda modules in Jetson TX2. Compiled binary is here. Usage is below. 1.install dependencies 2.remove ros-kinetic-opencv3 3.install dpkg We built this .deb file in this way.(<a href=”https://qiita.com/kendemu/items/a805b0b9828b6f6031db”>reference</a>) 1.get ros-kinetic-opencv3 source from apt-get 2.remove source files […]

Compile tensorflow on Jetson TX2

We use tensorflow in order to use deep learning algorithms such as Faster-RCNN, Yolo, VoxelChain. Compiled .whl file is here. If you want to install tensorflow into Jetson TX2, you should follow these instructions. 1. download jetson_tensorflow.zip 2. unzip jetson_tensorflow.zip 3. cd jetson_tensorflow 4. sh install.sh We checked this .whl file by using this python […]

Object Detection System

We build object recognition system using point cloud data. This node are composed of ros_ship_recognition package. The object_recognition_node detect objects by using SHOT features. We conducted a presentation about this node in ROS Japan user group meeting in Kansai. 3D Object Detection using PCL (Point Cloud Library) from masaya kataoka Demonstration movie is here.