Build ros-kinetic-opencv3 package for Jetson TX2

ros-kinetic-opencv3 package is very useful for ROS users, but this package is not supported cuda. So, we built ros-kinetic-opencv3 packages with cuda modules in Jetson TX2. Compiled binary is here. Usage is below. 1.install dependencies 2.remove ros-kinetic-opencv3 3.install dpkg We built this .deb file in this way.(<a href=”https://qiita.com/kendemu/items/a805b0b9828b6f6031db”>reference</a>) 1.get ros-kinetic-opencv3 source from apt-get 2.remove source files […]

Compile tensorflow on Jetson TX2

We use tensorflow in order to use deep learning algorithms such as Faster-RCNN, Yolo, VoxelChain. Compiled .whl file is here. If you want to install tensorflow into Jetson TX2, you should follow these instructions. 1. download jetson_tensorflow.zip 2. unzip jetson_tensorflow.zip 3. cd jetson_tensorflow 4. sh install.sh We checked this .whl file by using this python […]

Object Detection System

We build object recognition system using point cloud data. This node are composed of ros_ship_recognition package. The object_recognition_node detect objects by using SHOT features. We conducted a presentation about this node in ROS Japan user group meeting in Kansai. 3D Object Detection using PCL (Point Cloud Library) from masaya kataoka Demonstration movie is here. 

WAM-V Simulator

We are building gazebo/ROS simulation package for WAM-V. Our simulator has a such characteristics. 1. buoyancy simulation We calculate buoyancy from archimedes’ principle and simulate it! 2. driving force simulation Ship’s driving force are calculated from it’s speed and propeller rotational speed. We develop driving force controller and control ship’s driving force. 3. Visualization We made […]