Review of Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018 #2

This article is about machine manufacturing for Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018.   In a word, we lacked everything: number of developers, period for developing, experience, money, place, and so on. We began designing machines in April 2018 (last only 7 months for shipping) with only four students including three seniors who had to do graduation […]


Maritime RobotX Challenge2018

On December 8-15th, we joined Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018. We did not advance to the finals, but we got the judges’s special award, Partnership!   A few days after the tournament began, we continued to adjust the software. And we passed the examination by judges… Our WAM-V entered the voyage! We finally succeeded the mandatory task “Demonstrate […]



On November  14th, we shipped our boat for the competition which will be held a month later. It was 8 o’clock in the morning when we received a newly made crate for our boat, WAM-V. Then we add some sponges inside so that it wouldn’t damage the boat when being transported. And we packed the boat and […]


Experiment 2

October 7th, we carried out experiments. That day was a perfect day for the experiments. First, we floated the hull that is showed below on a pool to conduct a test on the hardware. This is a picture of we were observing how this hull move on the pool. To check degree of sinking, a member […]


Experiment 1

We planned to do our experiment on September 30th weekend if everything would go well. We prepared for the experiment the day before. However, the experiment was canceled due to typhoon, and we couldn’t do it. The hardware group assembled the propelling mechanism and created the simplest circuit to move the hull. People who were […]


Meeting with CLOUDIAN

On May 9th we met Hiroshi Ohta, the CEO of Cloudian K.K. at Osaka Prefecture University. Cloudian is our GOLD sponsor and supports our activities to participate in Martime RobotX Challenge. We already have been provided three AI Boxes from Cloudian. The AI Box has a GPU which performs high speed processing, and an LTE/Wi-Fi […]


Presentation in AI EXPO

Apr.2018 4th-6th, we conduct a presentation in 2nd AI EXPO. AI EXPO is an artificial intelligence exhibition & conference which held at Tokyo Big Sight. We gave a presentation at the exhibition booth of CLOUDIAN. CLOUDIAN is a Silicon Valley-based file and object storage company. They are our sponsor and provided us AI Box. In this […]


Build PI control system for WAM-V and run simulation

We are using VMRC simulator for testing our control system. We build simple PI control system. Inside PID Control subsystem is below. We built Matlab/Simulink model for wam_v control system and convert it to C++ ROS node.


Build VMRC simulation package

Recently, VMRC simulation package was uploaded to this URL. We succeeded to build this software and write Japanese Documentation about this package


Euclidean clustering using PCL

Under Construction


Run YOLO in opencv node

Yesterday, we built opencv-3.3.1 and contrib for Jetson TX2. After opencv-3.3, opencv contains yolo deep neural network. So, we make a simple ROS node for object detection by using tiny yolo and try it!! The code is here. This node can run only 2Hz. This is 5 times as slow as using using darknet in […]


Build ros-kinetic-opencv3 package for Jetson TX2

ros-kinetic-opencv3 package is very useful for ROS users, but this package is not supported cuda. So, we built ros-kinetic-opencv3 packages with cuda modules in Jetson TX2. Compiled binary is here. Usage is below. 1.install dependencies 2.remove ros-kinetic-opencv3 3.install dpkg We built this .deb file in this way.(<a href=”https://qiita.com/kendemu/items/a805b0b9828b6f6031db”>reference</a>) 1.get ros-kinetic-opencv3 source from apt-get 2.remove source files […]


Run darknet in Jetson TX2

In order to use Jetson TX2 and Deep Learning in this competition, I tried to run darknet in Jetson TX2 and tested Jetson TX2 throughput. In this post, I used Tiny-Yolo deep neural network in Jetson TX2. This is the result of object recognition. Tiny yolo structure is here. dog.jpg eagle.jpg giraffe.jpg person.jpg scream.jpg Prediction […]


Compile tensorflow on Jetson TX2

We use tensorflow in order to use deep learning algorithms such as Faster-RCNN, Yolo, VoxelChain. Compiled .whl file is here. If you want to install tensorflow into Jetson TX2, you should follow these instructions. 1. download jetson_tensorflow.zip 2. unzip jetson_tensorflow.zip 3. cd jetson_tensorflow 4. sh install.sh We checked this .whl file by using this python […]


Poster presentation in GTC JAPAN

Dec.2017 12th-13th, we conduct a poster presentation in GTC JAPAN 2017. GTC Japan (gpu technology conference) is an international conference which held by Nvidia. In this presentation, we talk about our project and our ship structures, algorithms, hardware equipments. We are planning to extend the drive time by using Jetson TX2 and Li-ion battery. Our […]


Object Detection System

We build object recognition system using point cloud data. This node are composed of ros_ship_recognition package. The object_recognition_node detect objects by using SHOT features. We conducted a presentation about this node in ROS Japan user group meeting in Kansai. 3D Object Detection using PCL (Point Cloud Library) from masaya kataoka Demonstration movie is here. 


WAM-V Simulator

We are building gazebo/ROS simulation package for WAM-V. Our simulator has a such characteristics. 1. buoyancy simulation We calculate buoyancy from archimedes’ principle and simulate it! 2. driving force simulation Ship’s driving force are calculated from it’s speed and propeller rotational speed. We develop driving force controller and control ship’s driving force. 3. Visualization We made […]

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