Maritime RobotX Challenge2018

On December 8-15th, we joined Maritime RobotX Challenge 2018.

We did not advance to the finals, but we got the judges’s special award, Partnership!


A few days after the tournament began, we continued to adjust the software.

And we passed the examination by judges…

Our WAM-V entered the voyage!

We finally succeeded the mandatory task “Demonstrate Navigation and Control”.

In this task, we  successfully navigated through two pairs of red and green buoys autonomously.

After that, we tried another task but time expired.

During the competition, we conducted the design presentation.

We were able to tell the judges about efforts to the competition and points devised of design.

We also deepened exchanges with other teams and obtained much imformation thanks to kind

explanation by them.


It was a result of regret, but we were able to learn a lot.

We will make good use of this experience next time.

Thank you for everyone keep support us.


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